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Leeds, West Yorkshire

Born In Britain is a luxury leather baby bag brand. We create quality, fashionable bags that look great but also contain all the features to be a highly functional baby bag.


The latest news and info from the Born In Britain team. Take a look to see what we are up to.

A Bag for a Bond Girl...

Andrew Riding

We have just read one of the greatest reviews of one of our bags that we have ever seen.

Slick Mummy Magazine have been using one of our Charlton Hobos and have written their thoughts on their website - you can click here to see what Slick Mummy has to say.

We'll give you some brief highlights...

"Born in Britain’s Charlton Hobo bag in Berry Red is nothing less than celestial."

And the greatest line of any review ever written... 

"In short. this is the changing bag a Bond girl would carry, should she find herself with child."

So, stop being a Yummy Mummy, grab your Born In Britain bag and be a Bond Girl!


Andrew Riding

Our bags are now gracing the streets of New York! Yes, the big apple has had it's first taste of BIB.

Publisher / Editor-in-Chief / Journalist / founder and CEO, Peachy Deegan, has written a couple of lovely posts on her website about our little company.

You can read both articles below to see what the USA has to say about our bags. 

Charlton Hobo

Wyn Tote

In honour of these great posts, I give you the stars and stripes...

Stars and stripes

Peachy Deegan

Editor-In-Chief, Founder & CEO  

Join the 80k+ who follow us on Twitter:

Peachy's new Instagram 

Klear says we are in the Top 1% and Very Friendly

"In America the President reigns for four years, and Journalism governs for ever and ever." -Oscar Wilde

A BIB bag is not just for nappies!

Andrew Riding

Are your babies nearly out of nappies? Lucky you. No more difficult changes on those terrible change tables. No more trying to wrestle the smallest child back into a baby-grow while simultaneously trying to stop the older child from putting his hand down the toilet or unlocking the door. No? Maybe that's just us then...

We recognise that spending almost £200 on a bag is a serious investment and if it is limited to use for only a year or two. Is it worth it? We say YES!!! (Obviously). A BIB bag is a great investment, not only does it cope with those early nappy days, but it will cope with days in the office, a night on the town and adapt to the post nappy stages.

  • Stylish - looks like a real handbag. Like the one you used to use before you got pregnant... remember that?
  • Baby bottle holders in the main compartment become water bottle holders that hold your bottles upright - preventing spillages in your bag.
  • iPad pocket? Simply remove the pop off change mat if you no longer needed it. The rear zip around pocket becomes a dedicated iPad pocket - keeping it away from those scratchy keys in the main compartment. Easy to access too!
  • Phone pocket - makes easy work of finding your phone.
  • Space - lots of it.

So, if your little beauties are almost out of nappies, don't worry, a BIB bag will still be useful long after the memory of nappies has faded.

Hmm... Investment you say?

Hmm... Investment you say?

How Long Is January???

Andrew Riding

Is it still January? It feels like it has been going on for EVER!!! 

The weather is cold, we've been through 'Blue Monday' and the last pay day feels like months ago. Not to worry. January is nearly finished and to celebrate we are having our one day "End of January celebration" sale. 

25% off all sales through our webstore but only on the 31st of January.

Celebrate January being over for another 11 months and treat yourself to one of our award winning bags.

Happy "end of January" day!!



Another award...

Andrew Riding

The last few months have been pretty exciting. The Charlton Hobo has won a couple of amazing awards, our stock has arrived and is ready to ship out to customers and now the Wyn Tote is an award winner too! 

The Wyn has just won the Bronze award at the Project Baby Awards 2016. This is an exciting award as it is voted for by Mums and Dads who get to play with products before judging.

We are really happy that what we have created is being so well received from our target audience. 

Our Stock is IN STOCK!!!

Andrew Riding

After a slightly longer delivery time than we were hoping for our stock has finally arrived in BIB headquarters.

We can finally dispatch all of the pre-orders and get our bags in the hands of our customers... very excited. Thanks for your patience.

If you haven't ordered one yet, place your order and we can get one to you as soon as possible. We now have a busy weekend of unpacking, labelling, barcoding and most importantly, finding somewhere to stack four pallets of stock. :-)