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Leeds, West Yorkshire

Born In Britain is a luxury leather baby bag brand. We create quality, fashionable bags that look great but also contain all the features to be a highly functional baby bag.

A BIB bag is not just for nappies!


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A BIB bag is not just for nappies!

Andrew Riding

Are your babies nearly out of nappies? Lucky you. No more difficult changes on those terrible change tables. No more trying to wrestle the smallest child back into a baby-grow while simultaneously trying to stop the older child from putting his hand down the toilet or unlocking the door. No? Maybe that's just us then...

We recognise that spending almost £200 on a bag is a serious investment and if it is limited to use for only a year or two. Is it worth it? We say YES!!! (Obviously). A BIB bag is a great investment, not only does it cope with those early nappy days, but it will cope with days in the office, a night on the town and adapt to the post nappy stages.

  • Stylish - looks like a real handbag. Like the one you used to use before you got pregnant... remember that?
  • Baby bottle holders in the main compartment become water bottle holders that hold your bottles upright - preventing spillages in your bag.
  • iPad pocket? Simply remove the pop off change mat if you no longer needed it. The rear zip around pocket becomes a dedicated iPad pocket - keeping it away from those scratchy keys in the main compartment. Easy to access too!
  • Phone pocket - makes easy work of finding your phone.
  • Space - lots of it.

So, if your little beauties are almost out of nappies, don't worry, a BIB bag will still be useful long after the memory of nappies has faded.

Hmm... Investment you say?

Hmm... Investment you say?